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“We did not even know about this tax credit. Thank you Linda for informing us about this and explaining the process. EZ-Advisors team is so efficient and organized and worked so transparently. I truly appreciate their professionalism and customer service. They gave us the best service and our school got checks directly from the IRS.”


Private School in Miami

”I was pretty apprehensive about getting scammed, so for me, hearing first hand from the owner of a brick and mortar business with 7 years worth of Google reviews as to the legitimacy of EZ-Advisors, would have made me much quicker to sign on the line.”

Kevin L

Cafe in North Florida

"Excellent Attention and Absolute Responsibility."

Craig V

Pizzeria in Broward

"We received the two checks from the IRS today. Thank you so much for making this process so easy and quick. I had no idea it would be this simple. I remember the PPP loan applications and how tedious and complicated they were so I was a little hesitant to even look into the payroll tax credit. If it wasn't for your email, I wouldn't have considered it but your website made it so easy to just see if our company would qualify. Every step of the way, your company "held my hand" and communicated very well through each step. I am not used to experiencing such excellent customer service these days!! Thank you so much!!"

Alicia J

Global Consulting in Maryland

”I wanted to let you know I received ALL ERC checks on or about the time you said I would. Which means - you and your team did EVERYTHING you said you would - in the time frame and manner you originally put forth - only MUCH MORE professionally and administratively organized than I could ever have imagined. This was a first rate experience on my end and after I forwarded your emailed instructions on "How to handle these ERC credits", my accountant called to ask me where I found you. She had never seen anyone like you! Thank you for making this soooo easy for my company!”

Alan M

Precision & Guardian in North Florida

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